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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  March 13, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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ending, and you can only serve two terms. so she can't run for re-election. which is the bottom line of headlines like these but it's not like she had a choice in the matter. it's the law. debunktion junction, mission accomplished. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. we have the latest developments in the search for the missing malaysia airlines flight and chris christie said something really weird today which he of course has no idea is weird. >> mystery flight. no answers. >> we are six days in. >> six days after the malaysia flight disappeared without a trace. >> local officials are dismissing a wall street journal report. >> the plane may have flied for four hours. >> the minister called to report, quote, inaccurate. >> just when there seems to be a
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tantalizing clue it gets discounted. >> china released satellite images showing three fragments in the sea. >> no debris from the plane was found. >> the plane is nowhere to be found today. >> everything is inexplicable. >> the desperate search for answers is getting complicated. >> the aviation mystery. the story is just as confusing if not more so. >> inching to one week and no answers across the board. the mystery of what happened to the malaysia airline flights took a new turn today with revelations that satellites picked up electronic pulses or pings from flight 370 after it lost track with air traffic controllers. the pings are once an hour and there are indications that the plane may have stayed in the air for the next four to five hours.
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the authorities are expanded the search area by at much as 2,200 miles widening it towards the indian ocean. joining me now is nbc's tom costello. >> lawrence, these ping ares described similar to a wireless router that stays on even when you're not surfing the internet. it's not transmitting precise data, like location. with the indication that the plane may have headed out over the indian ocean, the emphasis is changing. it's now friday morning in southeast asia and the search for the flight is switching to the west. the system may have given up faint pings for four hours after going off radar. that means the plane could have traveled up to 2500 miles in any direction, which includes the indian ocean. >> it doesn't tell us, though, what direction, whether it went west, east, north, south because
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we have no radar coverage. so at this point we just know that the airplane was still operational and probably didn't have a mechanical malfunction or failure. >> reporter: at the request of the malaysians, the "uss kidd" is moving to the strait of malacca. >> based on new information that is not necessarily conclusive, but new information an additional search area may be open in the indian ocean and we're consulting about the appropriate assets to deploy. >> reporter: u.s. sources say that it's likely that radar did pick up the plane making a u-turn and reversing course over malaysia and towards the indian ocean. meanwhile, search teams today were unable to find any debris today at the location where chinese satellites spotted something south of vietnam. the chinese said releasing the images was a mistake. tonight, what we know for sure is still limited. controllers lost contact with
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flight 370 somewhere between malaysia and vietnam. no radar, no radios, no identifying transponderers. >> you just turn it three clicks to the left and it's off. >> reporter: richard makato says if the plane made a u-turn, it would be a deliberate action. >> there's absolutely nothing that could go wrong with the airplane that would cause the transponder to turn off and the plane to automatically start doing a turn. >> we have extended the search area because it is our duty to follow every lead and we owe it to the families and trust me when i say we will not give up. >> reporter: still, after six days, no sign of flight 370. and day seven now starting this morning in the area. meanwhile, investigators continue to look at the background of the crew. the 53-year-old captain and his 27-year-old first officer so far we're told have turned up nothing of concern. lawrence? >> tom, based on where we are
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now with the new information that we've gotten in the last 24 hours, are we getting closer to answers on this or are we just adding to the confusion? >> i think it's all at this point it remains a huge mystery. there is, however, with this evidence, with the u.s. government now having reviewed the military radar tapes and believing that the flight did indeed make a u-turn, this is looking more like a deliberate action. so did somebody hijack this plane and specifically turn off the transponders and all of the radio equipment so that it would be masked, did somebody do that intentionally in the hijacking? did somebody in the cockpit go rogue? did one pilot for some reason have an agenda? we don't know and we'll never know if this plane crashed in the indian ocean and the only reason you find that out is if you get the black boxes and at this point it seems like a real long shot. >> tom costello, thanks for
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joining us tonight. >> my pleasure. joining me now, barbara pearson who has covered the aviation for 20 years and jim hall, former ntsb chairman. jim hall, new information is indicating that it looks like there were separate shutoffs of different monitors in the plane, meaning there wasn't just one big colossal event that stopped all of the electronics working. >> yes. and i think the only thing, lawrence, that we probably do know is that there are probably many, many more days left before we're going to hopefully find where this aircraft is located. and as you know, it's a race against time now because of the life of the emergency location transmitter's battery. and so there's going to be a lot of resources expended and i hope
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what in the end will not be a futile effort. >> barbara, there's a report tonight indicating that the transponder was shut down at 1:07 a.m. and the thing that transmits the altitude, that was shut down at 1:21 a.m. what does that mean? >> i think that means that they are bearing down on what evidence they have. it's very minimal but the experts are over there helping them, the ntsb and the faa in particular who have vast expertise in this, are really starting to analyze what they have. now, beyond that, i think anything would be kind of wild speculation, i'm afraid, because it is -- you know, as jim hall pointed out, so much out there is not known and the options are
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really quite varied and literally all over the map. it's really unprecedented that this far after a disappearance of a plane and that in itself is rare, we have so little to go on so, you know, in the absence of that, of course, it's very tempting to jump in with all sorts of theories. >> jim hall, given your experience of an investigator, what do you rank as the most important evidence that we have so far? >> well, i think the information that's been released about the transponder and i think the information that "the wall street journal" released is probably -- has some credibility to it. what this points out to us, lawrence, is the international civil aviation organization needs to get its act together and provide deployable recorders on these aircraft as well as provide an independent structure for investigations that are
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multinational. as we know, until the wreckage is found, in the absence of any type of international rules, the malaysian government has stepped in and what we've heard is reflected i think a whole lot of economic self-interests, national self-interests and fortunately now we have some professionals on site and we're beginning to get some factual information and i hope that will isolate the search. >> barbara peterson, are we seeing just in this story some of the range of difference that is possible involving the different airlines around the world and the different countries around the world and how they respond to this and what kind of data they have available to them? >> yes, i think so. and i think in this country we've come to expect and demand, actually, a great deal of transparency and when there have
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been crash investigations, we expect daily briefings, we expect to get a lot of information fairly fast. now we're dealing with a completely different culture. there's a lot we don't even know actually about this particular plane, what sort of avionics and what sort of extra monitoring systems they may have had. that has not been publicly released in any event. >> barbara peterson and jim hall, thank you both for joining me tonight. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up, harry reid versus the koch brothers. david alex rod will join me on that. and elijah cummings joins me to discuss darrell issa's big mistake. and later, "the last word" will make broadcasting history here tonight when we say good night.
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course, a social media fad where people post old pictures of themselves on thursdays. today, colin powell is the big winner of throwback thursday. powell posted this picture on his facebook page with the caption "throwback thursday, i was doing this for 60 years. eat your heart out referring to the one bradley cooper took with ellen degeneres. up next, harry reid leads the democrats' attack on the koch brothers. my hygienist told me that less tartar means less scraping.
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as the saying goes and the saying goes that this came from a great senator pat moynihan who said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not to their own facts. i have guessed the koch brothers have been able to buy their facts over the years, not pay any attention to whether they were true or false. >> that was senate majority leader harry reid today once again taking to the senate floor to slam billion political donors david and charles koch. reid's speeches against the koch brothers are part of a larger democratic strategy to make the koch brothers a major issue in the 2014 midterm elections. in the past harry reid has called the koch brothers unamerican and those who support them addicted to koch.
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today's word of the day was radical. >> when senate republican senators rush to defend the koch brothers, they are also defending the radical policy. how do we know it's radical? because they said it's radical. they said so. i'm not making those words up. they said -- one of the brothers kept harping on the fact that he has a radical philosophy. and they do. so i ask my republican colleagues from the senate, is even one of you, is even one of you willing to stand up and disavow the koch brothers' radical agenda? it's radical because they say it's radical and it is radical and all you have to do is look at it. >> today the koch brothers released this statement. like most americans we believe conduct is beneath his office and his because they are
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exercising their first amendment rights, we find that very, very troubling. senator reed sounds desperate to keep his job. joining me is alex wagner and msnbc senior political analyst david al section rod, a former senior adviser to president obama. alex, is this a little too inside a game for the general public, harry reid talking about these contributors to republican causes and most of the kind of swing voter types out there wouldn't really know about these guys? >> i don't know, lawrence. i think money and politics is something that a lot of americans have just come to assume is going to be part of our political process but manipulating democracy makes everybody uneasy or a lot uneasy. is seems fairly clear that the model here is mitt romney. these guys are millionaires, billionaires that have no concern for the american worker and, unfortunately, their agenda dovetails very cleanly and neatly with the rest of the gop
7:18 pm
agenda when it comes to shredding the social safety net, kicking americans off health care and giving out handouts and making life easier for the oil and gas industry. in that way it's not just a narrative but based on a lot of fact ts and in that way it's a good thing for democrats to be drawing attention to it. >> and if you don't know who the koch brothers are or remember their names, what mare harry reid wants you to remember is what they are trying to do which is buy congress. let's listen to the way he put that. >> because the truth is, it would be a terrible thing to allow the koch brothers to buy congress and to buy our country and that's what they are trying to do. it would be catastrophic to allow the koch brothers congress and the rich take all policy agenda. >> david axelrod, it's an unusual strategy to make contributors to the other side the primary focus of your, in effect, campaign speeches.
7:19 pm
>> it's also an unusual strategy for people to spend hundreds and millions of their own money to influence elections. so this is kind of a unique situation. i will say when senator reed talks about the koch brothers trying to buy the congress, i think there's democrat monday stra basketball evidence of that. back in 2010, they poured a lot of money into the election of members of congress. 27 of whom ended up on the energy and commerce committee that sits in judgment on legislation that has direct impact on their core businesses and they pretty much dictated who the chairman of that committee would be. so they are an interest group. they may have a radical personal agenda but they are also an interest group and they are pushing a very specific agenda. and i think you have to go at their agenda and assign that to the people you are running against as well. these bank shots are difficult to pull off and i'm not sure people are going to disregard what they see in commercial because wealthy guys are running
7:20 pm
them. but i think you need to make people know what their agenda is and that it's not the agenda of the average middle class person in this country. >> well, here's the way this message is playing into campaign. the senate democratic pact is running this ad in louisiana. let's listen to this. >> out of state billionaire electing bill cassidy. their goal, another politician bought and paid for. their agenda, protect tax cut for companies that ship our jobs overseas. cut social security and end medicare as we know it. they even tried to kill relief for hurricane victims. cassidy's billion dollar backers, they've got a plan for him. it's not good for louisiana. >> alex, pretty effective ad? >> yeah. look, the narrative is a powerful one. i would also say, lawrence, i think this is as much for democrats as it is for republicans. right? i mean, the traditional problem
7:21 pm
that democrats have had in midterms off year elections is getting turnout and sort of communicating a feeling that the stakes are high and by sort of showing america what it is at stake, i think it's as much a plea to get democrats to the polls to vote, you know, republicans out of office and keep democrats in office for get them into office than it is anything else. >> the ukraine bailout package is being stalled now in the senate because there are senators backed by the koch brothers who are saying, we don't want to pass this unless we also pass ajudgments to continue to abuse 401 c tax organizations and using them in political fundraising. let's listen to what john mccain said about his own republican colleagues slowing down and blocking the ukraine package, based on this.
7:22 pm
>> today, as russian military forces are massing on their border, wait a minute, it's more important that we get our campaign finance regulations fixed. it's more important that we have the imf fix as a higher priority than the lives of the men and women who are in the ukraine. i've been embarrassed before on the floor of the senate, i will tell the president, but i haven't been embarrassed this way about members of my own party. >> and david axelrod, they are doing the koch brothers' bidding on that one. >> look, the koch brothers leverage tremendous influence. it's not just in congress. they've been very active at the state level. why do we have a right to work law in michigan? it's because the koch brothers helped elect a republican legislature there and naupush t agenda there. when they say they are
7:23 pm
exercising their first amendment rights, no, they are an interest group with a very specific agenda and they are pushing it from the state level to the united states congress. >> alex, the other way to look at this, as i've been questioning, can you really take these background players and make them foreground players, what took the democrats so long? these guys have been at this for a while and when you see the way that ad plays out, you kind of wonder what did take them so long to get to this kind of attack mode? >> lawrence, if we look at the funding and the sort of brain trust in and around some of the most repressive anti-democratic legislation that's being passed around senate statehouses all over this country, whether it's voter suppression laws, whether it's energy policy, whether it's immigration laws, these are all hatched in these sort of outside conservative groups, whether it's alec, groups funded and supported by the koch brothers. they are writing legislation that literally makes its way
7:24 pm
into -- they are writing the legislation that then becomes law and we forget where its root is. >> david axelrod and alex wagner, thank you very much for joining me tonight. >> thanks, lawrence. coming up, in a last word exclusive, elijah cummings will explain his challenge to darrell issa and in the rewrite, every time chris christie speaks, he says that can and will be used against him and he did that again today. ♪ (announcer) the subaru forester. motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. when you get some recognition, you can't help feeling a little humbled, and a little proud. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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i have no expectation that miss learner will cooperate with this committee and -- >> in the spotlight tonight, darrell issa's big mistake. in just a moment, congressman elijah cummings joins us exclusively to discuss that mistake. we broke this last night. darrell issa committed an error that will prevent holding low wis lerner in contempt. >> before a witness can be held in content, they have to be given a clear-cut choice between
7:29 pm
comp compliance and noncompliance. they never gave her a direct order and overruled her objection. they simply adjourned the hearing and moved on. >> today, house democrats introduced another privileged resolution demanding darrell issa apologize on the house floor for his behavior last week when he adjourned the meeting without letting anyone else speak and cutting the microphone of elijah cummings. here is why the democrats are demanding an apology. >> i have no expectation that miss lerner will cooperate with this committee. >> chairman, chairman, i have a statement. i have a procedural statement, mr. chairman. mr. chairman, i have a procedural question. mr. chairman, you cannot run a committee like this. you just cannot do this.
7:30 pm
this is we're better than that as a country. we're better than that as a country. i have asked for a few minutes to ask a procedural -- >> the fact a is that i am asking a question. i am a ranking member of the committee and i want to ask a question. what are we hiding? what's the big deal? may i ask my question? may i make my statement? >> you're all free to leave. we have and journed but the gentleman may ask his question. >> thank you very much. >> mr. gentleman, i have one procedural question and it goes to trying to get you information by the way you just asked. >> what is your question? >> no, let me say what i have to say. i've listened to you for the last 15 or 20 minutes. let me say what i have to say. chairman, i have one procedural -- >> miss lerner, you're released. >> first i would like to make my time to make some brief points. for the past year, the central
7:31 pm
republican accusation in this investigation -- >> we're adjourned. close it down. >> before our committee received a single document -- >> thank you. >> chairman issa went on national television and said this and i quote, this was targeting of a president's political enemies effectively and lies about it during the election, end of quote. >> joining me now is elijah cummings, the ranking member on the oversight committee. congressman, i'll say it again. when i saw that happen in your house hearing, i said i've never seen anything like it. each time i look at that video i'm stunned by it. and now we realize, analyzing the tape as stan brand has done and advised you on it, there's a parliamentary violation there that makes it impossible for
7:32 pm
chairman issa to continue what he believed was his pursuit against louis lerner to try to get her held in contempt of congress. >> yes. he was so busy adjourning the meeting that he failed to adhere to constitutional law and it's very, very clear, you've got to give a person in miss lerner's position due process and as stan said on your show last night, one of the things that he had to do was, once he's asserted her fifth amendment rights, he had to overrule them and tell her that. that's number one. and then number two, had he to order her to answer the question and he did neither. and so clearly he is not done what he's supposed to do consistent with the constitution and consistent with case law. >> and he didn't have any staff around him that were sharp enough with the parliamentary rules to get him to sit back down in that chair and to try to
7:33 pm
save what he was trying do and you know, i want to play what john boehner said today in response to your letter to him about this issue. >> i am the house council reject the premise of mr. cummings' letter. i do not agree with that analysis in any way, shape, or form. i've made clear on more than one occasion that miss lerner should testify or be held in contempt. >> will the house be made available to express his or her opinion? >> i'm sure we'll see an opinion at some point. >> congressman, i have your letter here, several pages long, very clear parliamentary specificity on every single item you're talking about. so when you hear the speaker just kind of brush it away with no specificity whatsoever, what's your reaction to that? >> my reaction is that, mr. speaker, if you have an opinion that goes counter to the opinion of experts in this area, folks
7:34 pm
that have written textbooks on this subject, folks who have the subject, if you have an opinion that is difference than theirs, let's have it. you've got ours. by the way, lawrence, once we obtained the opinions that we got from stan bran and mr. rosenberg, we then had five additional experts to agree with that, with the opinion. so if they have an opinion, we need to see it. >> and just so i -- you and i know but i want the audience to know that the people advising you on this issue are recognized in washington as the leading authorities on house parliamentary procedure with careers built on that expertise and, you know that speaker boehner knows that and i think that's why you're not hearing specificity from him. >> i don't think he has an opinion but i'd love to see it if he has it. and as a lawyer i can tell you
7:35 pm
that this is one of those very, very clear cases and one of the things that stan bran said and the others, they said that what chairman issa did was a fatal flaw. this is not even close. i think that will come out very shortly. >> i also want to get to a point that is always ignored by chairman issa and all of the other republicans who talk about this and that is that in terms of information obtainable from low wis learner through her testimony, it's worth noting that you already have all of her irs e-mails on this matter, every one of them the committee already has. that's already been turned over. it would be hard to imagine that there's much of her story that is not fully explained already in those e-mails. >> yeah. but in addition to that, lawrence, keep in mind that miss
7:36 pm
lerner had asked through her lawyer for a one week delay and she would come and testify. in other words, we would have heard that testimony by now. we would have heard it this week. chairman issa denied her that opportunity and the other thing is that her attorney had offered to submit a pof officer, that is what she would have said and the attorney would have told the committee what she would have said if she were to answer the questions. it won't harm her and it wouldn't -- the committee wouldn't be binded buy it. but what happened was during the negotiations, lawrence, they stopped -- they offered a poffer and chairman issa said he didn't want the profer. i was saying, chairman, you were
7:37 pm
involved in the negotiations for a profer. by the way, they did not allow us to be part of that process, the democrats, when he was negotiating for the perform rofer and then cut it off completely. i'm trying to figure out, what does he want? >> well, i think the game is he just wanted to continue to portray lois lerner as a villain even though he has all of her e-mails. he wanted the theatrics that day. congressman cummings, thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> thank you. thank you. coming up, chris christie very proudly said today that is he a trained lawyer. that was his phrase. then why does he keep saying things that can and will be used against him? and they will. in tonight's rewrite. and later tonight, a fond farewell to beautiful downtown burbank. that's what johnny carson who used to work in this very building used to call this
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7:41 pm
at home, home stars republican south carolina senator lindsey graham. >> hey, john, good job. let me know what i can do to help you with boehner. >> that was after secretary of state john kerry testified to the senate appropriations committee on economic assistance for ukraine. don't expect lindsey graham to be talking about what a good job secretary of state john kerry is doing as graham campaigns for re-election in south carolina. coming up in the rewrite, chris christie's town hall. here is a sample. >> it's hard for a stay at home home. >> listen. good. good. i'm glad you do. either sit down and keep quiet or get out, one or the other. we're done with you. go ahead. i always say be the man with the plan
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in tonight's rewrite, chris christie, the trained lawyer. that's what christie called himself today in a town hall meeting in new jersey when he was discussing the long-term budget prospects for the state of new jersey. every time chris christie speaks now, he says something that opponents could use to destroy him if he ever attempts to run for elected office again. >> the fact is, i've got 3 1/2 years left as governor. i can't run again. and we can probably get through and muddle through the next 3 1/2 years without this crisis hitting us between the eyes so this isn't me trying to save myself as governor. when it really hits the fan here, i'll be doing something else. it will be somebody else's job to stand here and try to explain to you why nothing was done when we saw the problem coming and
7:46 pm
the easiest thing in the world for me to do is to just whistle a happy tune, go along with the characters who are saying this isn't a problem, don't worry about it and, you know, listen, i'm a trained lawyer. you know what that means? i can make up an answer at any time if it sounds convincing. and, you know -- and i could do that for three more years and get you through it. but that's not why you hired me. >> so that's what chris christie thinks a trained lawyer is. someone who can -- you know what, i'm not going to put words in christie's mouth. let's let him say that again. >> listen, i'm a trained lawyer. you know what that means. i can make up an answer at any time it sounds convincing.
7:47 pm
>> as you can tell, christie was once again playing to a solid republican crowd in a safe republican area of new jersey and so they think it's funny that a governor whose administration is under investigation for making up a story about a fake traffic study thinks, quote, i could make up an answer at any time that sounds convincing. do you know how many times you're going to hear that line in attack ads against chris christie in republican presidential primaries if he makes the mistake of actually running for president? you're going to hear it a lot and it turns out nothing he said there is actually true. not even the bit about being a trained lawyer, a law school graduate is not a trained lawyer. a trained lawyer is it someone with courtroom experience, real trial experience, years and years of it. usually decades of it. when chris christie was picked by president george w. bush for the political appointment of being the u.s. attorney in new jersey, chris christie was completely unqualified for that
7:48 pm
position. christie had zero experience in criminal law and had never so much as filed a motion in federal court. no experience in federal court. and trained lawyers are very careful speakers. they don't say things like, i could make up an answer at any time that sounds convincing. a trained lawyer would never, ever say that. and the most important answers christie has given about the scandal surrounding him and his administration are not convincing. every poll shows that most people in new jersey do not believe chris christie's insistence that he knew nothing about what was happening with the george washington bridge until long after it was over. and in a new national bloomberg poll, which shows what christie would be up against if he makes the mistake of running for president, 63% do not believe him. they do not believe that christie knew nothing about the scandal at the gorge washington bridge as it was happening.
7:49 pm
43% of republicans don't believe chris christie. 63% of independents don't believe chris christie. 79% don't believe the guy who believes, quote, i could make up an answer at any time that sounds convincing. here's what chris christie thinks is an answer that sounds convincing. >> i have not had any conversation with bridget kelly since the e-mail came out so she was not given the opportunity to explain to me why she lied because it was so obvious she had and i'm quite frankly not interested in the explanation at the moment. >> chris christie is not interested in bridget kelly's explanation? how is that for convincing? >> listen, i'm a trained lawyer. you know what that means? i can make up an answer at any time that sounds convincing. and you know -- ♪
7:50 pm
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you are watching what will be a tiny footnote in show business and broadcasting history. this is the last national primetime broadcast from nbc burbank. the building i'm in tonight has been home of giants, johnny carson, jay leno, the giants who have worked here, from steve allen to jake benning, dean martin. it's a very, very important monument in the history of primetime television entertainment and also a very important part of nbc news historically. we're going to have a fond farewell to what johnny used to call beautiful downtown burbank,
7:53 pm
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7:55 pm
that johnny carson walked through, that curtain you just saw, the curtain you walked through every night just hung two floors below where i'm sitting right now in what johnny called beautiful downtown burbank. nbc opened this west coast broadcasting facility exactly 59 years ago in march of 1955. it was built on land purchased from jack warner, whose warner brother studios is right next door. this was the first television studio built from the ground up for broadcasting color television, which was then still a rarity. many of the giants of television history worked in this building. >> you fellows wearing glasses, would you? >> who's wearing glasses? >> sock it to us. >> ladies and gentlemen, dean martin. [ applause ]
7:56 pm
>> live from the nbc studios in burbank, california, "the tonight show" with jay leno. >> bob hope, dean martin, johnny and jay were just the tip of the iceberg of the stars who worked here. a group that includes just everyone from jack benney, jimmy durante to elvis presley who taped his comeback special right here. it became a mandatory ritual for almost every presidential candidate to pass through this building to do a turn on "the tonight show" on the way to the white house or on the way to what would be political retirement. this building is also nbc news west coast home. >> reporting tonight from los angeles.
7:57 pm
>> good evening. >> good day from los angeles. >> i first entered this building in the first year of msnbc, 1996, to do my first appearance as a political pundit from los angeles, which you now know was actually burbank. i've also had more than my share of meetings with nbc entertainme entertainment executives in the building adjacent to this where i unsuccessfully pitched them new ideas for tv series. the nbc burbank campus and this building in particular hold many fond memories for those of us who have been lucky enough to work here and this building has been the source of some of our most wonderful collective memories in this country. ♪ thanks for the memory ♪ sunburns at shore and nights at singapore ♪
7:58 pm
♪ you might have had a headache so thank you so much ♪ >> and that was, of course, bob hope in one of the best of clips showed on johnny carson's last night working in this building. this is my last night working in this building because nbc burbank is closing up shop here tomorrow and moving just down the road to the universal studios lot which is now, of course, the nbc universal lot. we are promised a brand-new state-of-the-art studio there but at first, anyway, it will be a studio with no memories. you are now watching the last nationally televised primetime program from nbc burbank. yes, it's come to this.
7:59 pm
after 59 years of glory, after a 59-year parade of giants in this building, it falls to me to turn off the lights. i know i am unworthy of having the last word from beautiful downtown burbank. for that, on this historic night, we turn to the king of stage 1. >> i bid you a very heartfelt good night. [cheers and applause ] ♪ [ applause ]
8:00 pm
good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. breaking news at this moment from philadelphia where a us airways flight 1702 departing philly for ft. lauderdale aborted takeoff and its nose slammed into the ground. after officials say the front landing gear collapsed on takeoff. foam was spread on the runway as a precaution and cell phone video shows passengers being evacuated by slides on to the runway. thankfully, there are no reported injuries among the 149 passengers and crew onboard. this news comes as the mystery surrounding malaysia airlines flight mh-370 intensifies. six days after it disappeared,


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